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Architecture & Structures for Lambro river crossing over new TEEM Highway - Milan (2011)

CLIENT: Technital SpA

LOCATION: Milan - Italy

SURFACE: L=1,6 Km (Carreggiata Sud), L=1,1 Km (Carreggiata Nord), L=0,85 Km (Bretella)



The project is a part of the works related to the construction of the new Milan's ring road (TEEM). This area is characterized by a complex topography and the presence of numerous constraints and interferences: in fact the roadway will cross the basin of the river Lambro and two railway lines, as well as the connection to the A1 highway and the respect of the local and provincial roads.

The solution developed provides two independent viaducts side by side, one for each carriageway (North and South), in turn flanked by the new link road SS9-SP17.

Features of the project are the fork metal structures supporting the viaducts in the area between RFI railway and river Lambro. This solution has allowed us to optimize the design of the deck, limiting the lights’ breadth.