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Design and Realisation of a new pedestrian bridge in Turin - with VK and Whitby Bird (2004)

CLIENT: Turin City Council

LOCATION: Turin - Italy

SURFACE: Length 35+70+35=140m; Width 6÷8m

INVESTMENT: 2.3 Millions €



This footbridge is the result of an International Design Competition aimed to provide a proper solution for the cross connection of two very populated banks of the River Po not far from the city centre.

A simple and slender steel beam of variable section with a central 70m long central span, that is completed by two shorter side spans, up to the total gross length of 140m. The overall geometry arises from the complex intersection of an optimised arrangement of toroidal surfaces, accomplishing the static need by providing thicker and wider section over supports and, conversely, thinner and narrower ones at midspans.

Search of lightness of the art-work has introduced a specific dynamic liveness that has been damped by introducing some specific devices (TMD) since the very conceptual design phase.

The deck is supported and formally completed by two very sculptural piers placed within the riverbed. The search of slenderness and the necessary robustness of pier caps has been addressed by providing proper steel cores encased in the high performance outer concrete  skin. A properly designed lightening system complete the night view of this river end and let the public space safely accessible at any our.