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Design of New River Adige Crossing close to A22 Highway exit of Trento South (2009)

CLIENT: A22 Highway (Autostrada del Brennero Spa)

LOCATION: Trento - Italy

SURFACE: Total art work lenght 170m (arch bridge span 80m), width 17m.

INVESTMENT: 5.2 Millions €



The arch bridge spanning river Adige close to Trento, that has been recently opened to traffic along the link connecting A22 highway exit of Trento South and the City, exhibits some interesting structural and constructional features.

Landscape and Aesthetical considerations, shared with the owner from the conceptual phase, suggested to solve the crossing with a 80m long “through-type” solution, with a single central arch where the thrust-eliminated arrangement is guaranteed by the orthotropic plate deck hosting carriages and cycle-pedestrian paths. Crown height restriction imposed by proximity to airport “Caproni” has forced a quite shallow geometry (L:f~12,0). Due to this reason the curved element has been shaped into a variable cross section geometry, with the aim to highlight its aesthetics and to optimize overall buckling performances.