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Design Realisation of two new Overpasses over A22 Highway in Egna Ora / Brixen (2003/2008)

CLIENT: Autostrada del Brennero SpA

LOCATION: Egna-Ora and Brixen (Bz) - Italy

SURFACE: Length 60m (42+18m), Width 12,7m

INVESTMENT: 3.4 Millions €

DATE OF COMPLETION: 2007-2008 (Egna Ora)


The project involves the construction of two new highway overpasses over A22 near Egna Ora and  Brixen, replacing the earlier art works of lesser span. The structure of both the overpasses is configured as the succession of two elements that blend together in one: an arched bridge (length 42 m of light) and a section of the deck (length18m of light) supported by a fork placed in continuity with the bow.

The deck, 12.70 m wide,  is suspended. The suspended solution has enabled to combine the need of a light and slender bridge with the road height and clearance constraints assigned by pre existing  shorter three span brigde.