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Detailed Design of a New bridge overpassing A22 Highway and Adige River in Salorno (2010)

CLIENT: A22 Highway (Autostrada del Brennero Spa)

LOCATION: Salorno - Italy

SURFACE: Total art work lenght 170m

INVESTMENT: 6.1 Millions €



The art work - of total length 170 m -  replaces two separate pre-existing structures on the axis that connects the SS12 (on the right bank) and SP21 (on the left bank). The section is characterized by a road platform with two-lane roadway (total width 7.50 m), a sidewalk on the south side (width 1.50 m) and a pedestrian and cycle route on the north side (width 2.50 m). The structural pattern is a continuous beam of two spans with a characteristic  "gull wings" shape characterized by the presence of a solid central core that develops for approximately 20 m, cashed into the river’s right embankment.