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Preliminary and Detailed Design of #4 Overpasses over A22 Highway (2003)

CLIENT: Autostrada del Brennero SpA

LOCATION: Mantova, Nogarole Rocca (Vr), Pegognaga (Mn), Bolzano - Italy

SURFACE: Length 65m, Width 16,2m

INVESTMENT: 3.6 Millions €

DATE OF COMPLETION: 2006 (Mantova Nord)


The project involves the construction, for the A22 junctions of Mantova Nord, Nogarole Rocca, Pegognaga and Bolzano Sud, of new highway overpasses in single span (Length 65m), replacing previous art works divided into 3 spans (total length 55m). The structure of the bridge has an arch scheme with a runway below with two carriageways opposed to a single. The deck (width16.20 m) is suspended by means of ropes to the central arch in stainless. The suspended solution has enabled us to combine the need to not significantly alter the existing geometries and at the same time to increase the light characteristic of the work and to eliminate the intermediate supports.