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Final Design of Adda river crossing over new APL Highway (2007-2008)

DESIGNER: CIIL + B&C Associati + DSD SrL + Bergmeister SrL

CLIENT: Consorzio Italiano per le Infrastrutture Lombarde (CIIL)

LOCATION: Bergamo - Italy

BUILT AREA: APL Length 760m, Width 15+(10)+15m; RFI Length 780m, Width 12,6m

INVESTMENT: 130 Millions €



“Pedemontana Lombarda” is a new highway actually under construction (2012), conceived to satisfy the continuous growing of transportation demand of an highly productive area lying just north of Milan. Due to its outstanding dimensions, the features of the structural and architectural concept, the sensitive environmental and landscape scenario and, finally, the forthcoming realization of an adjacent twin railway bridge, Adda River crossing will be undoubtedly the most important art-work along this new infrastructure.

The structural and aesthetical solution mainly relies on the choice of a light and straight viaduct,  strictly coordinated with the railways one, and regularly running for over 800m with constant 60m long spans, except for the main bed river crossing, that is solved by a dramatic single deck-type deep arch, spanning over 170m. The supported deck section, hosting the highway carriages and the inner gap, is everywhere generated by the transverse assembling of quite elegant and wing-type twin orthotropic-deck steel boxes, to be launched from the east approaching embankment.