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Detailed Structural Design of the New railway station of Milan Exhibition centre in Rho (2007)

DESIGNER: B&C Associati with ErreViA srl

CLIENT: C.M.C. Cooperativa Muratori & Cementisti di Ravenna Scarl

LOCATION: Rho (Mi) - Italy

SURFACE: 15.000 m2

BUILT AREA: 11.000 m2

INVESTMENT: 71 Millions €



The new RFI (Italian Railway Net) Station, placed along the historical and high speed lines Milan-Turin, is mostly underground and provides a South link with MM (Milan Metro) line and the Exhibition centre east entrance, and a north one with the “Expo 2015” site area.

The realization, which comprises also a large underground park of more than 8.000 sqm,  has been seriously constrained by the already existing surrounding infrastructures: the on ground existing railway, the above interfering huge viaduct of Sp 46, the local road links and the closely running metro tunnel. Due to these reasons the new structure has been realized through the extensive adoption of semi-precast solutions, like steel trussed-beams up to 15m of free span casted in situ with high strength concrete, a quite new solution for the highly demanding and strictly ruled railway bearing structures.

Architecture and finishing of the station, and of the upper long-span canopies, have been realized obeying to a proper joint interpretation of both RFI’s and MM’s interior design guidelines and functionality requirements.