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Structures of Commercial Centre of Peschiera Borromeo, Milano (2011)

CLIENT: C.M.B. Cooperativa Muratori Braccianti di Carpi

LOCATION: Peschiera Borromeo (Milan) - Italy

SURFACE: 72.000 m2

BUILT AREA: 24.000 m2



The project involved the construction of a Commercial Centre (a mall) with its urbanization surrounding works, access roads and parking. The building has a rectangular plan of  200x120sqm and spread over two floors, in addition to the roof , with a height from the ground level to about 15m. The ground, of modest mechanical properties, has been consolidated through drilled columns (CFA): in this way it was possible to conceive direct foundations with piles as settlement limiters.

Considering the size of the building and the planimetric structural type, structural joints are expected, arranged in such a way as to identify six separate units, of size up to about 70x70m, each of which is identified as an independent structural body.

The main elevation structures are prefabricated, and it is entrusted to them in full the wind bracing of the building, which is guaranteed by the response of the pillars according to a frame scheme.