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Structures of a poly-functional building in Ronago (Co) (2003)

CLIENT: Ronago City Council

LOCATION: Como - Italy

SURFACE: 600 m²

INVESTMENT: 1 Million €



The poly-functional space was conceived to have a natural and low impact insertion in the landscape environment of the hill border by containing the off ground volume to the upper glassed portion and the light, long span, structural cover. The other half of the volume is in fact underground and covered by a ring balcony for the audience, watching and attending the events. The transparency of the perimeter underlines the roofing system as a kind of “leaf placed on the ground”, obtained by adopting slender and curved steel beams of variable sections, completed by a thin reinforced concrete deck fully realised on yard with a safe and fast self supporting approach. The global result is a light, transparent and minimalist building.