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Structures of the elderly house "Celesia 2 - Residence Le Camelie" in Como (2004)

CLIENT: Cà d'Industria ed Uniti Luoghi Pii (Committente: dott. arch. Ruggero Venelli)

LOCATION: Como - Italy

SURFACE: 7.800 m²

INVESTMENT: 8 Millions €

DATE OF COMPLETION: 2004/2007 (2003 Structures)


The elderly house is a 85m long and 20m wide line construction distributed on four floors (with a basement park level) shifted to accomplish the environmental conditions and the local hill slope. The building host the rooms, common areas and services, a chapel, and a large poly-functional space. The surface is designed as an "open space" with free paths that create an interesting dynamic movement of people, producing an important visual stimulus.

The structure, joint-free and seismic resistant, has been conceived, designed and realised following a semi-pre-cast scheme by adopting self supporting reticulated steel-concrete beams and decks, completed and casted in situ, observing a strongly engineered, quick and safe constructional strategy. Room balconies have been precast as steel boxes and applied to the base structure in order to obtain strong splitting of the finishing requirements and a thermal loos reduction.