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Structures of the enlarging-refurbishing of Hotel "Villa Flori" in Como (2009)

CLIENT: Lariohotels Spa

LOCATION: Como - Italy

SURFACE: 3.500 m2

BUILT AREA: (new) 300 m2



The  enlarging-refurbishing of the Hotel Villa Flori, which has an articulated floorplan (south, central and north blocks) and it’s built on several floors (basement, park, ground floor, first, second and third floors), involved the construction of two new floors above the reception, the full reconstruction and additional storey of the covering structure, together with the underlying structures that stand out from the plane below, and the construction of new balconies at the top floor. The new structures were created in order to support the seismic actions and the works were carried out in total respect of the existing building, not altering places, architectural styles and the original constructive.